Snack attack


Let’s talk about being perpetually hungry, eh?

Some days I can not stop eating and it makes me feel weird in regards to trying to eat intuitively. I stare into the fridge while saying “I know you huuuuungy” in that kids voice from tik tok. SO- I compiled a list of healthy snacks! Easy to make, easy to eat and yummy AF.

  1. “I like Eggs” (Amanda show anyone?). I HIGHLY recommend the Dash rapid egg cooker. I use to hate boiling eggs, they could crack, hard to peel and it was a hassle. But this little countertop small appliance is a creation of the gods. Put in some water, stand the eggs upright on the stand, cover and poof. You still have to go through the ice bath step bur it takes so much less time.
  2. I feel like edamame is slept on by everyone but vegans. SO under rated- I mean look at that protein content! And air frying them with salt totally gives you that salty satiety (the same salty craving potato chips satisfies- this nails it on the head). You can get these pre shelled in the freezer section and have them on standby whenever. Throw ’em in meals too! so versatile and nom worthy.
  3. If I owned cargo pants, I would 100% fill the pockets with popcorn….Napoleon Dynamite style. Lesser Evil is one of my favorite brands to buy, but I also have this cool microwave bowl to pop my own kernels. But the microwave is not kind to sugar/maple syrup of any kind so I only make savory/nooch popcorn myself.
  4. You either love or hate pickles, I don’t know if I have met anyone on the fence about these. To me, they’re a big dill. Kosher dill spears are so hard to beat. Now the sodium content is decently high but if you don’t eat much processed foods- yu’re good!
  5. I don’t know about you- but I feel like rice cakes are making a huge comeback as a healthy snack. They are SO versatile. My current favorite that satisfies a random sweet craving is the rice cake, peanut butter and blueberries. Nom. Theres also the Everything but the bagel variation, you can top it with tuna or chicken salad. You can do almond nutter and honey…opportunities are endless!
  6. I’ve made 2 of these already today…..not including the one I made for the photo *shrugs*. You can also put the dairy free cream cheese on celery or a bell pepper too. Get creative with your base!
  7. Ba-ba-ba, ba-ba-nana. Simple enough. Yummy, add peanut butter if thats your thing.
  8. I bet you forgot about this childhood classic! So yummy, and fun to say. Also fun fact- celery is NOT 0 calories. It is negative cause it takes your body 6 kilocalories to burn it, and celery itself is about 5.6 kilocalories. The more you know *rainbow*.
  9. I just love bell peppers, and I don’t always have hummus around but I usually always have dairy free cream cheese. Which is very convenient since I am obsessed with EBTB seasoning.
  10. My favorite berry of them all. I love the tart/sweet combo and how it can go in savory and sweet! NOM.
  11. This was the coolest thing to stumble upon. Flavored roasted peanuts. It’s INSANE how spot on the BBQ seasoning is on these. They also male salt and vinegar and sweater variations as well. Plus they were so cheap. Go seek these out, they make flavored almonds too!
  12. Speaking of almonds…..I’ll just shovel a handful in my mouth and I am so content. I love almonds. If you can have cheese, highly recommend pairing.
  13. I usually don’t like granola bars- But I am a fan of KIND bars. I have peanut butter dark chocolate (DF!) and it’s great in a pinch when I am too lazy to spread PB on something else. We all have those lazy moments.

You can use this list to help create/modify as your taste buds tell you too!