Meet Erin

CNS candidate

MS in Nutrition

Certified Personal Trainer

Fitness Nutrition Specialist


By day, I work as a remote corporate health and wellness coach where I get to coach my clients on nutrition, exercise, weight loss, sleep, stress management, and more. But by night…I’m Batman. Just kidding. By night, I am running RoseWater Nutrition, LLC. The thing about me is that I thrive in supporting roles. I spent the majority of my life as an athlete and coach. The pre-race jitters were always worse when watching someone else swim than it was for my own races.

My passion for supporting others has grown within every role I have taken. From coaching club swim for 5+ years, working in a hotel, being a personal trainer (in a bro gym mind you), working with kids with special needs and developmental disabilities, moving across the country to try out collegiate coaching……and deep breath, to now. Working with athletes has always been my passion and my roots will always be tied to sport.  That being said, I have a core belief in not being one-dimensional. Athletes become former athletes, nonathletes can become athletes, and just because you didn’t participate in organized sports does not mean you should get overlooked. You as a client are not one-dimensional and it is my job to approach your healthcare considering your entire self. 

I bring a functional medicine approach to all my clients. Each body is unique and one intervention likely will not work for everyone. I aim to understand your goals, your lifestyle, and your current and past health to get you to your healthiest and most confident self.

What I offer:


Functional sports nutrition


Nutrition Counseling

Weight loss

Digestive health